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ivsec - IVNC305XC

ivsec - IVNC305XC

IVSEC NC305XA 5MP Thermal Sensing IP Bullet Camera, LED Light, Built-in Speaker.

The IVSEC NC305XA IP security camera offers a 5 Megapixel resolution combined with a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens for an impressive 92 degree view and an equally impressive range of features.

It features a built-in PIR sensor which can be used to trigger recording and also a white LED light to illuminate the area.

Of course, it still features IR illumination for better night time image. The benefit of the white LED light is that it can act as a further deterrent, or it can simply be handy for lighting the area when required (e.g. an entry path or a driveway). As a further refinement, you can specify the hours during which the white LED light will be enabled.

Most cameras can only record on movement detection, but this creates a lot of unnecessary recording with moving branches or cars’ headlights ...

With this IVSEC security camera, you have the choice of using either motion detection or the built-in PIR sensor to trigger recording.

This can save a huge amount of storage and, by not having to sift through unnecessary recordings, it will make it faster to find the events which really matter.

The built-in infrared illumination enables night vision at up to 20 metres.

The NC305XA security camera also features a built-in speaker / siren. Using the remote app, you can speak to the visitor (e.g. it it’s a delivery guy) or intruder which should act as a strong deterrent. The siren can be triggered from the remote app or from the NVR.

A microphone is also built-in for basic monitoring (the sound transmission may be delayed by a few seconds through the app).

Important: please note that sound recording may not be legal in your state/country or may require specific signage or authorisation. You can disable audio-recording on the NVR, whilst still being able to listen via the remote. If required, the microphone can also be completely disabled.

When used together with the IVSEC X series recorders, this camera will be automatically detected with Plug & Play.

Reduce installation labour and parts required by using one cable for both data and electricity with PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The IVSEC NC305XA features an IP66 water resistant housing which means this video surveillance camera can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The NC305XA features the latest H.265 video compression technology and is fully compatible with the ONVIF standard.

    $230.00 Regular Price
    $185.00Sale Price
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